Menu Plan Monday

December is flying by much too quickly. We still haven’t made any cookies, and probably won’t until next week. Dennis says it isn’t the holiday season if we don’t make snickerdoodles. I finally finished decorating though. Shopping isn’t a big deal, since there are very few people we buy for. All of the adults agreed a few years ago that we should stop giving gifts to one another, and most of the children are grown now too.

Since it’s Monday, it’s time for menu planning again. This week is easy. I get to recycle a few meals from last week, since things changed and I didn’t follow my whole menu plan . There are 3 days this week I won’t need to cook, since a few activities have us eating out.

Monday – sandwiches and fresh fruit (We’ll be at a Hanukkah party until 4, with lots of yummy food. I don’t expect we’ll be very hungry for dinner)
Tuesday – eat out (book club meeting at a restaurant)
Wednesday – French toast, fresh strawberries (recycled from last week’s plan)
Thursday – black beans and rice, tossed salad
Friday – minestrone soup, homemade rolls (also recycled from last week)
Saturday – pumpkin soup, grilled cheese sandwiches
Sunday – Christmas party at a friend’s – we’ll pick at leftovers if we’re hungry later

I haven’t tried the pumpkin soup recipe, but was looking for one that will let me use my new immersion blender. This one looked easy enough. If we don’t like it, I can always add a salad with our sandwiches.

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3 Responses to Menu Plan Monday

  1. Tricia says:

    Maybe next week you should have fresh toast and French strawberries! :^) :^)

  2. floridamom says:

    LOL Tricia ! I’ve been buying strawberries every week, and they get eaten quickly. Our strawberry season will be over by Feb., so we eat them often until then. I serve them with breakfast nearly every morning, and Dennis snacks on them throughout the day.

  3. Mom #1 says:

    Don’t you LOVE fresh strawberries!