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Florida finally thawed out last week. So much so in fact, that we’re going to have temperatures about 10 degrees higher than normal through the weekend. January is usually a beautiful month here — highs around 72, lows around 50. The month is nearly half over, and so far we’ve been freezing and sweating.

My plants that survived the freeze: broccoli, some leaf lettuce, parsley, green onions, rosemary, and chives. My rosebush handled it well. We’ve been gradually re-landscaping with native plants, and the natives survived.

My plants that succumbed to the freeze: tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, green beans, snow peas, and basil. I have plenty of basil seed and it grows quickly, so I hope to have more basil before long. I haven’t checked our citrus fruits. We have a grapefruit tree, a tangerine tree, and several orange trees. Most of the oranges are late season fruits, meaning they ripen in spring (many varieties ripen from Nov. – Jan.). I’m sure the fruit on the trees froze, which makes them inedible, but we should be able to juice them.

In other news, I’m officially a MIL! Me, a mother-in-law! I have a daughter-in-law! My stepson got married on the 16th. The weather was perfect for an outdoor wedding, the bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome. Both families are thrilled with our newest family member. Pictures to follow in another post, after I get a chance to upload them.

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One Response to This and That

  1. Mom #1 says:

    Congratulations on the new family addition. I can’t wait to see photos.

    Our garden really didn’t enjoy our freeze either, although it wasn’t as bad as y’all’s it was still quite a shock to the system, LOL. We had a couple of weeks of nice warm days, and today it was 37 degrees. What on earth is going on. It’s January. I want my 75 degrees!

    We’re going to try to get the new seeds and such planted next week. Hope you’re able to get everything back in working order over there too very soon.